Our Offers

Free Start Up*
* Company Formation
* Assist with opening a business bank account
* Register PAYE scheme
* Register VAT including Flat Rate Scheme
* Register Corporation Tax

* Running payroll with payslips for each employee and
submit RTI (EPS & FPS)

* Calculate & submit VAT returns & advice to pay VAT
on time

* Prepare & submit annual accounts to HMRC &
Companies House
* Prepare & submit Corporation Tax return (CT600)
* Complete personal Tax Return & submit
* Issue P60 for all employees
* Submit P11D & P11D(b) and calculate Class 1A NIC

* Unlimited face to face meetings and advice
* Unlimited telephone & email support
* Ongoing book-keeping
* Produce dividend vouchers and board minutes
* Deal with change of address for the company
* Mortgage, tenancy & other references

Your Duties:
* Send us every month two completed input sheets
* Send us every month all your business bank statements
* Send us immediately all letters you receive from HM

Revenue and Companies House
* Respond to all our letters and emails on time

* Our Fees start from £100 +VAT per month

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