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True Dynamic is a well established and high reputable accountancy firm based in the City of London. We are one of the leading freelancers accountants. Our team members are highly qualified and experienced with technical knowledge including: IR35, IFRS and UK GAAP.

In today’s competitive employment market freelancing can be a perfect option for some. Becoming a freelancer can have numerous advantages in a number of industry sectors compared to a ‘permanent job’. If you have considered becoming a freelancer it would be wise to understand all the options available to you including its advantages and risks.

There are many different types of freelancers, providing a service or a skill set which clients could choose to gain access to by taking on. Clients will often look for outside assistance from professionals in specialist sectors, usually in areas they may know little about. Meaning a high demand from businesses for freelancers. By freelancing for one or more clients you can generate an income which is often better than a full time employee salary, whilst also enjoying many benefits from being your own boss.

• You become your own boss
• Being able to work where and when you chose to
• Pay can usually be higher than full time employee salary
• Your work is more focused and in a direction that you enjoy working within
• You will have an extremely diverse and striking resume
• You choose when you work, as a result you can benefit from flexible holiday periods.

If you’re thinking of becoming a freelancer or thinking of a new accountant, speak to us today on 020 7702 4100 or email info@truedynamic.com! We are here to HELP!

We offer a range of specialist advice and services to meet your accountancy needs whether you are a business start-up, medium sized business or part of a large company. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your business or personal accounting and finance requirements.

Services we provide include:

• Accounts(Financial Statements)
• Business start-up
• Business plan
• Company formation
• Corporation tax
• Corporate Finance
• International business consultancy
• Management consultancy
• Personal Tax Return
• Payroll Services
• International Payroll Services
• Register Overseas Company Branch in UK
• R&D Tax
• Tax Planning
• Tax & VAT investigations
• Tax refunds/CIS Refunds
• IR35 & S660A Advisory

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