Tax & VAT Investigations

Tax investigations can be a burden on anyone and it is very important to employ the services of a professional accountant to assist in dealing with the relevant tax office and sort out any issues which may arise. True Dynamic offer an experienced team of tax professionals who will lodge all relevant returns with the appropriate authorities in an efficient manner.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a complex and difficult tax matter and is charged on most goods and services that are VAT registered services. Minor mistakes can be treated as fraud, so it is important to deal with VAT carefully. True Dynamic specialise in resolving all types of VAT and tax-related work efficiently and effectively. We also specialise in assisting people with difficulties in dealing with HMRC.

Our tax and VAT services include;

• Filling your VAT
• Make your payment and repayment
• Providing information about VAT rates
• Providing information about the tax period, tax point and time of supply.

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